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franics-company-quick-cash-for-notes-banks-attorneys-99204341Banks and Attorneys have clients that have either Trusts or Property they no longer want to own.  In most cases, Banks hold the mortgage on a House or Commercial Property.  This begins as a happy situation for both parties until a problem arises.  When a note is held on a Commercial Property, there is normally a balloon within a five year period that requires the balance to be paid or the loan to be refinanced.  Tenant problems or vacancies can impact the cash flow which can mean difficulty in refinancing, or prior to the balloon, affecting the Payor’s ability to make the payments.  Expensive Repairs and Maintenance can be another hurdle if the property needs a new roof, HVAC unit, or parking lot resurfaced.  The Payee may not have budgeted such large expenses therefore falls behind on their payments.  In the instance of residential property, divorce can have a substantial impact of one income of the chosen occupant, opposed to the two incomes when the note was created.  Medical issues or loss of a job can also contribute to a default on the note which can ultimately lead to Foreclosure.  Most people do not set aside adequate funds for the unexpected.  Francis & Company will buy your Foreclosed Commercial Property and House Notes.

Francis & Company Buys:

  • Notes from Trusts
  • Performing and Non-Performing Notes
  • Notes on Income or Commercial Properties
  • Notes on Residential Property
  • Notes on Vacant Land or Farms

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