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Sell Property During Economic Downturn

During these uncertain times caused by Coronavirus, you may need to sell property. We’re here to buy your commercial property for cash. Does one of the situations below apply to you? We can help:

Cashflow Problems

Many businesses are on the bubble as to whether they’ll stay afloat during this crisis. If your commercial real estate is holding your business back, we have cash ready to help. Sell that property, solve your short term cash flow problems, and stay in business.

Switching to Telecommuting

Many commercial properties will not return to full on-site staffing for a long time after the Coronvavius crisis passes. If your business will downsize and switch to more off-site employees, you may no longer need the office space you own. We have cash ready to purchase your building quickly.

Warehouse Footprint Reduction

As your business redefines itself for a new post-COVID world, you may no longer need the warehouse space you’ve built up. We are always looking to acquire warehouses from businesses like yours.

Expansion Deferred

You bought new land expecting to build out your business next year, but no longer need it. We acquire commercially zoned land you no longer have a short term need for.

Exiting the Business

If your business is unfortunately winding down, it may be time to unload your real estate. We purchase medical office space, retail spaces, warehouses, land, and other commercial property. This may be the simplest way to wind down your operations cleanly with a cash injection to pay off debts or cash out. 

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