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franics-company-attorneys-banks-inherited-property-78710355Francis & Company has many years of experience in buying Inherited Property FOR CASH.  When an individual first learns that they have inherited a property, there are many decisions to be made.  Should I Keep the property or Sell?  A home that belonged to an elderly parent or relative may need repairs and updating before selling the property.

The house may need extensive repairs that the heirs cannot afford…such as a roof, foundation problems, broken plumbing or other items.  If there are multiple heirs to the estate, they may live in different states and that presents another set of challenges.  This is an emotional time and we have found that many people elect to sell the Property for Cash.  Francis & Company will buy your inherited property for CASH and CLOSE QUICKLY.  We have dealt with Banks and Attorneys assisting their Clients and Customers by selling their Inherited properties.  If you are a Bank or Attorney, Francis & Company has 25 Years of Expertise buying Inherited Properties for CASH and Close Quickly.

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