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franics-company-attorneys-banks-investment-property-79803166We Buy Income or Investment Property for Cash and Close Quickly.  As a Bank, you may find yourself in a bad position when your customer can’t keep up with making their payments, collection of rents or repair/maintenance to the properties.  Once this happens, the bank needs to act quickly to stop the bleeding.  Meeting with the property owner to determine what can be done to remedy the situation needs to be timely.

Divorce can be a concern when a customer has multiple properties that needs to be divided in a divorce settlement. Either the husband or the wife may be left with a situation they know nothing about as it relates to managing and maintaining Investment Property.  One person may be very handy and performed all the repairs.  The other party may be forced into hiring out the work which will increase expenses.  Drafting leases, collection of rents, and evictions can present a whole other set of problems if they are not familiar with the legal system.  If the Tenant gets behind, you must serve them properly with papers to get control of the property through the court system.  If done improperly, the Divorcee not knowing the proper legal procedure could be sued themselves by their own tenant.

Relocation or retirement may require the assistance of a Bank or an Attorney to help sell the property.  Relocating makes it difficult to manage the property from far away. Retirement means the start of a carefree life and reducing the responsibilities of the property owner.  Francis & Company has purchased many Investment properties from people moving away or making the decision to retire.  We Buy Investment Property in Any Condition for Cash and Close Quickly.

Situations that lead to Selling Investment property:

  • Behind on Payments or Repairs
  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Retirement

No matter what the reason, FRANCIS & COMPANY will buy your Investment Property for CASH and CLOSE QUICKLY.

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