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franics-company-we-buy-houses-bank-owned-foreclosures-44720954Francis & Company has been Buying HOMES for CA$H for over 25 Years.  We have experience dealing with Banks on Foreclosure properties.  As a local company here in Kansas City, we understand that many Foreclosures begin with the LOSS of A JOB, Medical problems and/or a Divorce. These circumstances lead to losing your home or having to deal with a short sale.  We Buy Bank Owned Foreclosures.

As a Bank getting a property back can present a number of challenges.  First, someone needs to review the condition of the property and determine a value so it can be re sold.  Determining the value of a foreclosure can be tricky. In many cases the property is left in poor condition, ie…wiring removed from the previous owner or the Heating and Cooling may have been taken.

The property may be very dated or have functionality problems; for example, previous owner decided to convert a 3 Bedroom to a 2 Bedroom. Vandalism is another hurdle.  A vacant property attracts vagrants or thieves.  Winterizing the property, Maintaining the Lawn and Insuring the property as a Vacant property can be very expensive.  In most cases, Francis & Company  has found presenting a CASH OFFER in AS IS CONDITION to the Bank is the best course of action. This gets the property off the Banks’ Books and revitalizes the neighborhood again.  We buy Bank Owned Foreclosures.

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