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franics-company-quick-cash-for-notes-we-buy-notes-in-default-83644136A Non-Performing Note is a commitment of which the payee has defaulted on their monthly payments.  This also includes consistently late payments or even partial payments.  Whether you are an individual note holder or a BANK, these situations present serious problems.  First, you must meet with the non-performing party to determine the cause and find a resolution.  Then you must make the decision to possibly restructure the terms of the note to meet the parties’ financial ability.  If this is not an option, you must begin Foreclosure procedures on the note to take back the property.  We Buy Notes in Default.

Situations that may cause NON PERFORMING NOTES:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a Job
  • Medical Problems
  • Expensive Property Maintenance and Upkeep

In many cases, you do not have access to the property to inspect the interior of it’s condition or valuation.  Essentially, the burden falls back on the Note Holder of the responsibility of paying the Taxes and Insurance on the property.  After Foreclosure, the task of removing the party from your property can be somewhat of a challenge.  It now takes time and money to begin the Eviction Proceedings by having the occupant served then removed from the property.

Give Francis & Company a call!!  We can determine the value of the property and offer you a discounted price for the note.  If you have a Note on a House or Commercial Property, WE BUY NOTES IN DEFAULT FOR CASH.

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