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franics-company-quick-cash-for-notes-we-buy-performing-notes-32112532We Buy Performing NOTES and DEEDS OF TRUST for Cash.  A performing note is an instrument in which the party being financed is making payments on a timely basis according to the terms and conditions of the note.  We have seen many cases wherein the individual note holder does not have a good understanding of what their options may be to Sell their note or CASH OUT.  What is the benefit of Selling your Note?  The cash may be used for the purchase of a second home.  Your cash flow may change due to health issues, and selling your note would provide instant liquidity.  Selling your NOTE FOR CASH offers you different investment opportunities with higher yields not at a fixed rate.  Ready to Retire?  Selling your note for CASH provides you the flexibility to do what you want.  If by chance you relocate, it becomes more difficult in collecting note payments from a distance especially if the payee gets behind on payments.  Then the FORECLOSURE process can be very complicated and expensive.  We purchase notes at a discount to allow you to GET QUICK CASH FOR YOUR NOTE!!

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