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franics-company-we-buy-houses-rental-income-property-81493890Rental property can be very rewarding in the Beginning.  That is until many unforeseen things begin to happen.  You feel you are a handy person and can do most of the repairs and upkeep on the property.  You don’t really give much thought to key responsibilities, such as managing the property, accounting, collecting of rental payments, paying taxes and Insurance.  WE BUY RENTAL AND INCOME PROPERTY FOR CASH and OFFER QUICK CLOSINGS.  Screening your tenants is very critical to ensure they have the CASH to pay the monthly rent.  Then the Heating/Cooling system goes out and you have not allotted the money for those repairs.  Your house may go into disrepair which limits the quality of the tenants you attract or if you can even rent the property. You may have a tenant that moves out in the middle of the night and leaves your property destroyed.  Locating these tenants can be a real hassle and even more difficult to get a judgment from the courts.  It might be that you are ready to retire and just want to CASH OUT or are tired of dealing with the burden of tenants or repairs.  Let Francis & Company take the burden off your hands.

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