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Why Carry a Note

franics-company-quick-cash-for-notes-why-carry-a-note-29719915Why Carry a Note?  A note is traditionally formed or drafted between two parties based on the sale of a property.  In some cases wherein the Buyer and Seller agree on a purchase price, but the Buyer does not have the sufficient funds for the down payment or qualification for a conventional loan, the Realtor convinces the Seller to carry the note to complete the sale of the property.  Neither the Realtor nor the Seller really understand the consequences when something doesn’t go as planned.  Maybe the Seller needs the liquidity but doesn’t know where to SELL THE NOTE.  Francis & Company can help.

Reasons Why Carry a Note:

  • To get a property sold
  • To create a fixed return for the Seller
  • Buyer can’t qualify for a conventional loan
  • Seller is convinced to carry the note

Regardless of the circumstances that led to carrying back the note, Francis & Company will Evaluate the note and make you a CASH OFFER.

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